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Apr 25, 2010 10:30am EDT
muslim home-school families in northern virginia. >> reporter: in the heart of mainstream america, a cub scout derby where each of the home- designed cars is carefully weighed and measured before roaring off at breakneck speed. here, enterprise, ingenuity and patience are justly rewarded. >> my favorite part was when i got in first. >> reporter: it's a mainstream event passionately embraced not only by the jaka brothers but also by nine-year-old bilal khan, whose education and upbringing is anything but mainstream. in his loudoun county, virginia, home, bilal is being taught math by his mother zakia. >> so five is closer to seven, or ten is closer to seven? >> reporter: in another home nearby, priscilla martinez is teaching her six children, ages two to 12, about condensation. >> we're going to learn about clouds, evaporation, condensation and precipitation. >> reporter: they are part of a growing movement-- no one knows the exact number-- of muslims who home-school their children because they want them to get a more holistic education than a public school can provide. >> what we are try
Apr 18, 2010 10:30am EDT
at a law school in virginia, students brainstormed over whether their faith required them to adhere to a higher ethical standard than the profession itself requires. >> in addition to being lawyers, we're christians. and we have standards as christians we want to live up to. >> reporter: the signature activities of c.l.s. chapters are weekly bible studies, which, in addition to discussion of the text, usually include prayer and other forms of worship. would a student chapter of, say, b'nai br'th, a jewish anti- defamation league, have to admit muslims? >> the short answer is yes. >> reporter: a black student organization would have to admit white supremacists? >> it would. >> reporter: even if it means a black student organization is going to have to admit members of the ku klux klan? >> yes. >> reporter: you can see where that might cause some consternation? >> well, there's a spanish saying to the effect that "the thinnest of tortillas still has two sides," and the other side of that is that with any other regime, we would be forced, using public money, to subsidize the discrimina
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)